Saturday Public Library Book Haul, April 19, 2014

Drink More Whiskey!: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink - Daniel Yaffe Wolverine Classic, Vol. 2 - Chris Claremont, John Buscema Wolverine Classic, Vol. 4 - Archie Goodwin, John Byrne

I know. I am running a week late, but last Saturday after the library trip, things got busy, and I did not get around to blogging this. Since this Saturday things are a bit quieter, here we go. A small haul for this week.


The Drink More Whiskey was in the New Books shelf. As I have mentioned before, when I visit the public library, the New Books shelf is usually my first stop. I don't always check out stuff that is new right away since those materials only check out for two weeks, and I am not a fast reader. But when I find something that looks good, I do take the chance. I happen to like trivia books and books that promise to teach more on a topic. I have been a bit more interested in whiskey since moving to Kentucky. From glancing it over, the book combines easy to read text with some nice visuals. It looks like a good book for someone like me who is a casual drinker and who likes to learn more. Stay tuned for a review down the road.


I had checked out Wolverine Classic, Vol. 3 previously. I did finish that one (review coming soon), so I was pleased to see the library had other volumes in the series. Thus this week I went on a bit of a Wolverine binge and checked out volumes 2 and 4. Since each volume collects a complete story arc, reading them a bit out of place is not really an issue. It's all good fun. Stay tuned for future reviews.