You won't remember this family

The Family - Leslie Waller

I came across this book when a family member cleaned out their house and sent us a big box of old books. This was in one of the boxes. The book covers had all sorts of praise quotes on how the book is better than The Godfather, yadda yadda. Since I am fan of Puzo's novel, I figured I would take it for a spin.


Well, after two weeks trying to get into it, I finally quit at almost 100 pages into it. To be honest, not much of anything happens. It's a bunch of mundane, barely memorable characters going through motions. Nothing really happens, and that is a problem. I guess the author is trying to do the exposition and set things up, but for a supposed blockbuster mob novel that allegedly has violence, sex, etc., well, I did not see any of that. This was probably one of the most boring books I have come across in a while. It may have been a bestseller back in 1969 or so when it came out, but I can see why it is pretty much a forgotten book. By the way, it has dated quite a bit, so it does not really hold up. I gave it one star to indicate I dislike it (to rate it), but I do not recommend this. You come across this, just leave it there and move on.