Black Lagoon, Vol. 2

Black Lagoon, Volume 2 - Rei Hiroe The adventures of the Black Lagoon crew continue as they have to deal with Neonazis and then some very twisted twin killers in two separate tales in this volume. Revy's temper is proving that it can be a liability at times, but there is no denying her skill as a gunslinger. Rock is starting to settle in as the new member of the Black Lagoon crew. But I think the highlight of this volume is the coming of the twins. There is a blend of bloody and violent with a bit of disturbing. In a way, they reminded me a bit of Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint, the two assassins from the Bond movie Diamonds are Forever given their good manners towards each other. But underneath the charm, they are quite deadly. This is definitely a volume to read, and you will want to continue on to the next one. I know I will.