Forgotten Realms - The Legend Of Drizzt Volume 4: The Crystal Shard (Forgotten Realms Graphic Novels) (V. 4)

The Crystal Shard: The Graphic Novel - R.A. Salvatore, Andrew Dabb, Val Semeiks This series of adaptations of the popular Drizzt series continues to be entertaining. I think the first three so far are still the best, which I wonder if that is the case with the novels as well. As a note of disclosure, I have not read the novels, but I have enjoyed these graphic novels so far. In this particular story, Drizzt has found some sense of peace in the faraway outpost of Icewind Dale. Sure, he is still not trusted by most of the humans there, but he has made a friend or two. A failed wizard finds an artifact of immense power, and he decides to try to conquer the region. It's up to Drizzt and his friends to get the people of the land united. This made a good adventure and fantasy story. Fans of the series will certainly like it, but they may feel it was a bit short. It was a pretty quick reading, and it was pretty light. The art is colorful, and I think it brings the tales to life well, a reason I like the series. The end does set up for the next story in the series. Overall, a nice entertaining read.