Snake Eyes: Declassified (G. I. Joe)

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes: Declassified - Brandon Jerwa, Robert C. Atkins, Emiliano Santalucia This is one I really liked, and it left me wanting to read more. The origin story of Snake Eyes has it all: intrigue, friendship, betrayal, tragedy, and a good story. We learn the story of the silent and mysterious ninja member of the G.I. Joe team. In addition, we get a look at the early days of Cobra and G.I. Joe as well as how Storm Shadow came to be Cobra's ninja. If you are a G.I. Joe fan, this is one worth reading. And it does lend itself to rereading too, which is a good thing. As always with this newer G.I. Joe series, the art is very good in this volume as well. It was neat to see certain characters who turn out to be bigger players in the G.I. Joe series later. That was interesting to me. Overall, a volume I enjoyed.