Death Star (Star Wars)

Death Star - Michael Reaves, Steve Perry Finally finished it. It is a pretty quick read. It is also pretty well written. The book is basically the story of the construction of the Death Star. It is divided in two parts: the construction and then the shakedown cruise, which leads to the events in the first Star Wars film most people have seen by now. I usually dislike books where I know the ending beforehand, but this book was actually interesting and engaging. The first part where the station is constructed and the characters are introduced is actually pretty good. Different people from diverse backgrounds come together in constructing the Death Star. In the second part, we see some cameos from characters we knew in the film, but we get a different point of view, and that makes the book a good read as well. The book features the character of Doctor Divini, which regular readers of Star Wars novels may recognize from the Medstar Duology (by the way, I read those two book, and they are on my list). Another character is a librarian, which for a librarian as me, was kind of cool too. Overall, this was a good and pleasant read.