Battle Royale Ultimate Edition Volume 4 (v. 4)

Battle Royale Ultimate Edition Volume 4 (v. 4) - Koushun Takami;Masayuki Taguchi The body count keeps piling up as The Program continues. There are a few left, and some are determined to win. This volume reveals new twists about the remaining characters, and the struggle for survival remains very fierce. The pace on this one is extremely fast. It grips the reader from beginning to end, leaving you wanting more. I am moving right along to the fifth and last volume to see how it ends, but this series is one worth revisiting. The author has packed so much detail sometimes you feel like you miss something. Great art. The story is one of the best I have read. I cannot recommend this highly enough, but it is not for the faint of heart. Who will make it to the end? I will leave one hint: only the true hardcore players and the lucky are remaining at this point. By the way, these ultimate editions are very good. Nice hardcovers with some good supplemental material at the end of each volume, adding to the reading experience.