Black Lagoon, Vol. 1

Black Lagoon, Volume 1 - Rei Hiroe A very good and entertaining action read. This is the story of the crew of the PT boat the Black Lagoon. They will transport anything anywhere for the right price. Working in Southeast Asia, they face the mob, hitmen, and other assorted folk trying to kill them. The first volume introduces Rock as the new crew member, and one very lethal maid. You'll have to read it to learn more. This had a good pace; it was entertaining, and overall I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next volume in the series. Definitely one I am happy to recommend if you like action-adventure in your mangas. I also liked how at the end, the author makes a note about Revy's two-hand shooting style (where you shoot two guns at the same time, often in different directions) explaining that, while it looks cool in mangas or movies (think John Woo films), it is not practical in real life. I thought it was a nice touch.