District X, Vol. 2: Underground

District X Volume 2 Underground - David Hine, Lan Medina, David Yardin This is a good continuation of the District X series. It did remind me a bit of stories like the film District 9 and the graphic novel The Surrogates. Yes, I know the latter was made into a film too, but you are better off reading the graphic novel. Anyhow, those are also tales of different people or aliens being forced into ghettos by larger society and to an extent the law enforcement tasked with dealing with those ghettos. Fans of X-Men will like this as it looks at mutants are more human and humane beings, the normal side (if there is such a thing as normal) aside from the big heroes and villains. Bishop and Ortega have a new problem in District X, underground dwellers. But are they really the main problem? Or is there something else under the city? This volume also includes some additional material that may be of interest to fans as well. Overall, this was a very good volume and an entertaining read.