Marvel Zombies 2

Marvel Zombies 2 - Robert Kirkman If nothing else, this was a quick read. The story is just ok. It takes place 40 years after the first Marvel Zombies series as the zombified heroes who had left Earth come back hoping to find a new source of food. Meanwhile, Wakanda seems to be the only human kingdom to have survived the zombie apocalypse the zombie heroes unleashed. I think the best part of this series is the art. As I said, the story was ok, but it was not great. For me, knowing that Kirkman, author of The Walking Dead, was the author here, somehow, I think I expected a bit more. If you are a fan of the zombie story genre, and you happen to be a Marvel fan (as in a pretty hardcore fan), you will probably like this. For more casual Marvel readers, this may just be so-so.