Love 'em or Lose 'em: Getting Good People to Stay

Love 'em or Lose 'em: Getting Good People to Stay - Beverly Kaye, Sharon Jordan-Evans I got this book via Interlibrary Loan since my own library did not have it. I think I saw the title in some article I read. Anyways, it is a pretty quick read. Actually, for managers, it is a book that lends itself to skipping around. I have always had an interest in the issue of retention in the workplace. In librarianship, I don't think the higher-ups do enough, and it is often the case that to advance one has to move someplace else. The book is organized in chapters, and each chapter gives a technique to focus on. Each chapter has lists, prompt questions, and examples to help the managers implement the ideas. One does not have to do everything in the book, but if more managers implemented at least one or two of the ideas here, a lot of workplaces would be better off. For workers, this book also gives food for thought, as it may lead workers to ask what is working for them, what makes them stay, and what may get them going someplace else.