Punisher MAX Vol. 8: Widowmaker (v. 8)

The Punisher MAX Vol. 8: Widowmaker - Garth Ennis, Lan Medina While I like The Punisher, he is not a character I follow regularly. The title of this volume caught my eye, and when I read the description, the premise was interesting: the widows of men The Punisher has killed in his mission team up to try to take him down. Ennis had a good run on The Punisher series, and it shows here. These women are not innocent victims; they took benefit of their families' and spouses' fortunes, making them part of the criminal enterprises. And yet, for some, there may be some sympathy caught in that world. And to make things more interesting, there is a secret in the past of the widows that will complicate things even more; a figure from their past they thought long dead returns seeking revenge as well. This is a volume packed with action and drama, and it grips the reader until the very end. I read it one sitting, unable to put it down.