Cien Años De Soledad

Cien años de soledad - Gabriel García Márquez I have read this a few times. I don't quite recall the first time I read it (probably sometime in the 80s back in high school when mom first gave it to me), but I make it a point to reread this book every so often (about a year or two give or take in between readings). It is simply an amazing novel. The edition I list was my mother's copy, an old paperback from Argos Vergara publisher. It is falling apart by now, but so far, I have not caved in to buy a new copy yet. The Buendia family always shows me something new everytime I visit with them. If I get stranded someplace, I want this to be one of the books I have with me. * * *I read it again, finishing it on June 20, 2009. This time I did some update notes in GR as I went along. That ending still moves me no matter how many times I read it.