Batman: Bruce Wayne - Fugitive, Vol. 3

Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Vol. 3 - Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Kelley Puckett, Devin Grayson, Geoff Johns, Steve Leiber, Scott McDaniel, Rick Burchett, Roger Robinson, Damion Scott Bruce Wayne may be a free man, but the story is not over. Cain, an assassin, and the new Batgirl's father, confesses to the crime. His motivation is a combination of personal reasons and orders from high up in the federal government. The government part wanted to frame Bruce Wayne. Going after Batman was the personal part. Cain is in prison, but there are some who would prefer him dead, so Batman now has to keep him alive as another assassin targets Cain. Also, Sasha, Wayne's former bodyguard, apparently dies in prison, only her body goes missing. Is she really dead? All these plots are finally resolved in the last volume of the series. While not as good as the previous two, mostly because it is wrapping loose ends, it is still a good story, and it is well worth reading. Overall, this was one of the best Batman series I have read in a while. Good overall characterization along with plenty of action.