Infinite Kung Fu

Infinite Kung Fu: 1 - Kagan McLeod If you like Kung Fu, especially old Kung Fu films, you will probably enjoy this book. It is like reading through a kung fu movie, convoluted plot and all. C'mon, you know you really watch these films for the fight scenes, right? And this book has plenty of martial arts action as well. But the plot was actually pretty interesting in itself. Lei Kung deserts from the Ghost Emperor's army in a world that is ruled by martial arts. However, he is Chosen by the Immortals to fight the emperor in order to restore the balance of life in the world. You see, the reincarnation cycle is in danger as there are not enough living for the dead to reincarnate into. So, there are plenty of dead zombies roaming around. Is that enough plot for you? Our hero has to save the world while mastering some very serious Kung Fu techniques along the way. And that is the basics. In addition, as I mentioned, there is plenty of martial arts action, and the art in this book brings it to life very well. The only reason I did not give it that fifth star is because the tale does get a little silly,or maybe just a little Deus ex machina, not sure which towards the end. But I won't spoil the end. Overall, this is an excellent graphic novel that I highly recommend. It has a bit of everything for various readers. It is a fun read. It has great art, and it is very entertaining. It may well be, for me, one of the best books overall I read this year.