To Teach: The Journey, in Comics

To Teach: The Journey, in Comics - William Ayers, Ryan Alexander-Tanner, Jonathan Kozol This book should be required reading for students in schools of education. Ayers delivers a series of crucial ideas about the craft and art of teaching in a way that is engaging and very accessible. He shows us what it truly takes to be a teacher (no, it is not technique. There are plenty of teachers who can do good lessons plans and manage a classroom only to be proven bad teachers). The narrative not only deals with Bill's story, but he also introduces us to his kindergarten class as well as other teachers and the work they do. The book is warm and moving at times, and it is very inspiring. In between the narrative, we also get lessons on teaching philosophy and pedagogy, but again, it is very accessible. The simple style of the art complements the story very well. It brings the story to life and makes it a bit more entertaining. I will say that I have read a good number of books about teachers; I am a former teacher now librarian, and I can say with confidence that a lot of those other books were a waste of time. This one is one that I wish I could put in the hands of every student teacher. In fact, this is a book that a lot of parents need to read in order to understand the work that the teachers do in educating their children. Maybe then those parents will have a better appreciation of the challenges and obstacles teachers face (starting with the terrible construct that is standardized testing).