Gantz Volume 2 (v. 2)

Gantz Volume 02 - Hiroya Oku This is turning into an interesting series. I think folks who like works like Battle Royale, maybe The Hunger Games and the series Lost, might like this as well. I think it may be more suited if you like Battle Royale because it means you probably can handle and/or like gore and sex with your manga, which I do. However, there is that element of dysfunction or mystery--people being pulled into some circumstance where they are forced to fight to survive-- that I think folks will find appealing. Anyhow, those are the appeal factors that I would probably mention to a potential reader. I am personally finding the series interesting, and the mystery of Gantz does intrigue-- why does it pull certain people? Any common elements? How much does the long term survivor (the guy who seems to have been coming back the longest) really know? The series does draw you in and play on your curiosity. Some of the details do seem to pass by in a flash as the work is extremely fast paced at times, but that may well encourage you to go back and have a second look. I will certainly continue reading the series.