Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War, Vol. 1

Green Lantern, Vol. 4: The Sinestro Corps War, Vol. 1 - Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ethan Van Sciver I did not give this two stars because it was bad. It was not. However, if you have not followed the Green Lantern titles for a while, you may get a little lost. This is a very convoluted tale where keeping track of some of the characters at times may not be easy. Having said that, it was a pretty fast paced read as the Green Lantern Corps has to fight the menace posed by Sinestro and his own yellow corps based on fear. As this is only part one of the series, I will likely go find the second part, just to see how it ends. But overall, keeping my expectations on the low side. It was neat, but not great. For a casual reader like me, in the end, it was just ok. Then again, there are other DC titles I like better.