Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails

Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails - Anthony Giglio This was an OK book. I look at cocktail recipe books on the basis of whether I can actually make something in it that does not require me to go hunting for rare or difficult to find ingredients, let alone stuff I have never heard of (and believe me, I have heard of a bit). This book has some nice recipes, but for the most part it assumes you have an extremely well-stocked bar with specialized liquors that you use on a regular basis. In other words, not very good for a casual drinker like I am since I would not buy certain bottles just to make one cocktail. I do keep the basics, some mixers, and that is about it. So this book, which focuses on holiday drinks, is more for the mixologist who makes more elaborate things. By the way, the photos were pretty to look at. If you want, borrow this rather than buy. Unless you want it on your bookshelf to be pretentious.