El Escorpion vol. 1: la marca del diablo / Mark of the Devil

El Escorpion: La Marca del Diablo: El Escorpion: The Mark of the Devil - Enrico Marini, Stephen Desberg A neat reading, but it was very short. Escorpion (Spanish for scorpion) is the child of a woman accused of witchcraft. Therefore he is not exactly friendly to the Roman Catholic church, the villains of the story. However, the role of the church is not as simple. They are basically helping maintain a social order dating back to the Roman Empire. Escorpion is the ideal swashbuckler good with a sword and charming to the ladies. If you like Zorro or old swashbuckling adventures like the Three Musketeers, you may like this. It was interesting to me to see this is a French story in Spanish translation, kind of like Asterix. The art is pretty good too.