Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

Millennium Falcon - James Luceno I really wanted to like this book, but somewhere around page 100 or so it just started to drag. The idea behind it, the history of the Millennium Falcon, is a good one. But the execution left much to be desired, and the ending, to be honest, was a let down. The story is told in various vignettes, and it goes back and forth between the novel's present (in the SW Legacy era) all the way back to the Clone Wars and then back and forth. Some of the old stories are nice, but they are not particularly riveting. For the hardcore fans, this book is probably a must, but for the more casual fan, I would consider it optional. There is a lot of foreshadowing of things to come, so my guess is some of those things you may see in future Star Wars novels. Compared to Luceno's other novel, Dark Lord (the one about Darth Vader, which I read and reviewed here), this one was really disappointing for me. It was just ok.