Deadpool - Volume 2: Dark Reign

Deadpool: Dark Reign - Daniel Way, Paco Medina This was a quick, light read. Deadpool faces Tiger Shark, and then Bullseye. After events where Deadpool basically saves the world and Norman Osborn takes the credit, our merc still wants to get paid. Osborn would rather not. Mayhem ensues. The thing about reading Deadpool is that you read it for the humor as much as for the adventure tale. If you like dark humor, you will probably enjoy this anti-hero. I know I did, and I will keep reading this series. Only reason I did not give this edition five stars is that the collection skips a part of the story, which while not essential to the continuity, would have been nice. And the ending was a bit blah, yet consistent. I will let readers decide. But still, entertaining, and I will seek out Deadpool's next adventure.