Red Razors

Red Razors - Mark Millar, Steve Yeowell, Nigel Dobbyn A nice send-up of the Judge Dredd world, but it just does not have enough to be a fully engaging story. It is also a nice take on the Cold War era as we get to look at a soviet-style megacity. In East Meg, criminals are reprogrammed to serve as judges, and Razors is one of their best judges. The book features two stories. First, Razors has to get back the holy corpse of Elvis that has been stolen by thieves wanting to return it to the West. In the second story, Razors goes out of control, and only one man can stop him, Judge Dredd. Overall, the stories were quite silly with a lot of pop culture references. But aside from the light entertainment, there is not much else here. Overall, an ok read.