9/11: The World Speaks

9/11: The World Speaks - Tribute WTC Visitor Center;Lee Ielpi Only reason I am giving this two stars is because it was, for me, just ok. Do not get me wrong. This is not a bad book by any stretch of the imagination. The postcards presented are very diverse in range of feeling and emotions from anger to sadness to hope. Maybe for me, at the time I read it, I was just not in the mood to remember 9/11 yet again (that I coordinated a series of events in my library this past September for the anniversary probably did not help. I was pretty much ready to move on). In addition, this is pretty much a leaf-through book. You can skim, browse, or linger as you wish. I am sure many folks out there will likely find this book very moving. I did find some of the cards to be moving, and some of the ones with sketches, so on to be quite good. But in terms of the many things I read, this was just ok. It's a book to borrow from your local library.