JLA: Crisis of Conscience (Identity Crisis) (Countdown to Infinite Crisis)

JLA, Vol. 18: Crisis of Conscience - Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg, Chris Batista, Mark Farmer I liked this one, but it felt a bit rushed. I was worried that readers who had not read Identity Crisis might miss out on quite a bit, but the volume gives you enough background and summary to catch up. This was good because I have read Identity Crisis, but it has been a while. In the aftermath of the events from Identity Crisis, the heroes have to deal with the consequences of their actions, including a bunch of villains very pissed off over what the league did to them last time. You get to decide how ethical or moral the league's actions were given their desire to protect loved ones. The volume does end in a cliffhanger, as it is setting up for the larger Infinite Crisis event (a volume I have also read). If nothing else, a nice quick read, but it is clear it is just a story to set up something bigger down the road.