One Lonely Night (Mike Hammer Series)

One Lonely Night - Mickey Spillane The pace in this one was a bit slower than what I usually expect from a Spillane novel. The plot revolves around a Communist conspiracy and some missing government documents, and even the federal government seems to be involved. In addition, Mike Hammer is hired by a rising politician that a lot of people in the city look up to. And it all starts with a woman jumping off a bridge. You would think that would certainly make for a good mystery. It was just ok. As I said, the pace at times was a little on the slow side. Plus, the Communist plot allows Spillane to go on a red scare rant which does get a little heavy at times. And yet, it does capture some of the hysteria going on in the 50s when it came to Communists. I did like it a bit more at the end when Mike Hammer, as traditional in mysteries, unravels the plot. There are a couple of interesting twists that kept me reading, which I won't reveal here. But overall, not the best Hammer novel. As usual, you get your dose of violence and sex. As I usually tell my readers, this is not for the PC crowd, but if you like your mysteries hard boiled, then this fits right in.