AX Volume 1: A Collection of Alternative Manga

Ax Volume 1: A Collection of Alternative Manga - Katsuo Kawai, Nishioka Kyodai, Takato Yamamoto, Toranosuke Shimada, Yuka Goto, Mimiyo Tomozawa, Takashi Nemoto, Yusaku Hanakuma, Namie Fujieda, Mitsuhiko Yoshida, Akino Kondoh, Kotobuki Shiriagari, Shinbo Minami, Shinya Komatsu, Einosuke, Yuichi Kiriyama, Yunosuke Saito, This book was mostly "ok." I had high expectations given it bills itself as a collection of alternative manga. Aside from a couple of stories that were pretty good and even made me think a bit, most of the stories in this collection are the kind of artist sketch that should have stayed in the sketchbook. They seem incomplete and often half-baked. As if the artist was having some kind of brainstorm thought, but then he never followed through. If this is what is defined as "underground," it can stay there. As I said, there are a couple of stories that are worth reading, but aside from those, most of the volume is pretty forgettable. This one is one to borrow, not buy.