Biomega, Vol. 1

Biomega, Vol. 1 (Biomega, #1) - Tsutomu Nihei This was pretty good, and it was a bit of a different take on the zombie genre. It was different in the sense that the full outbreak of the epidemic has not happened yet. The hero is hoping to help stop it. However, the odds seem slim as he searches for a girl who may hold the key. In a way, this kind of story is not new. And yet, the pacing, the action, and the very gritty, dark art all come together to make a pretty good story. This manga is also interesting because it relies more on the visual; there is not as much text as other mangas, and yet I think it works pretty well. And this is the first volume, so it looks like things will go a bit deeper as well. I hope to continue reading the series.