Death or Glory (Ciaphas Cain Novels)

Death or Glory - Sandy Mitchell Another entertaining tale of the adventures of Commissar Cain. This tale is interesting because it goes back to an earlier period of his career. He is starting out, but he is still the rascal and hero (sure, it may at times be mistaken heroics, but the guy always does the right thing. I think that definitely defines a hero). This time, Cain falls behind enemy lines, and he pretty much has to fight his way back to the Imperial forces. The novel has the good amounts of humor to go with the military science fiction action, making this an entertaining read. I personally enjoy the Cain novels also because they are written as memoirs, so the editor of the memoirs comes into the narrative with comments, observations, so on that I find interesting and entertaining as well. This series is definitely very good, and it is one I recommend. I am already looking forward to the next novel in the series.