Kami-Kaze Volume 1

Kami-Kaze, Volume 1 - Satoshi Shiki This was actually pretty good. The basic premise is the one of a mystical girl (Girl of Water) that some bad guys want for her blood so they can awaken the 88 beasts. Lone swordsman is bound to defend her. A lot of action once it gets started, though some of the frames in the layout can get a little convoluted; it means you have to read a bit closely. However, the pace of the book is quite quick. I will certainly be looking for volume 2 of this series. On a side note, even though the volume itself is labeled as "Older Teen 16+," the bookstore in town where I bought it had it wrapped up with an "M" (for mature label). Other than one brief nudity scene and a very brief sex scene (which is mostly implied), I think most older teens will be fine with it. Overall, for an action manga, this one is pretty good.