Tales from the Teachers' Lounge: An Irreverent View of What It Really Means To Be a Teacher Today

Tales from the Teachers' Lounge: What I Learned in School the Second Time Around—One Man's Irreverent Look at Being a Teacher Today - Robert  Wilder This was pretty much a waste of time. Some guy who changed careers and decided he wanted to become a teacher. Since he could not get his credential, he figured teaching in a private school would do fine. He starts out in some alternative hippie school in New Mexico where they are more worried about new age and feeling good than actually teaching and instilling some discipline. While there is some humor and some funny moments, for the most part, the book is convoluted, and often he just has no clue. Then again, considering the types he deals with, it's a miracle he is in a classroom. Guy lacks total common sense. Only sensible character is the teacher that went with him to that writing workshop, then walked out of a workshop meeting when she could not stand the bullshit they were passing for writing lessons. Sorry, but I have been to actual writing workshops, and we never had some little index of terms with no meaning. In the end, she was the smart one since she spent the rest of the time hiking and enjoying the town. She likely managed to renew her energy as well. This author is certainly not what a young teacher would want to emulate. I suppose for new agers and aging flower children, he may be the guy. Otherwise, skip this. There are a lot other teacher memoirs and accounts that are much better. Good thing I borrowed this at the public library. Otherwise, I'd have a hard time getting rid of it since I could not bring myself to recommend it to anyone.