Reader's Advisory Service in North America Public Libraries 1870-2005: A History and Critical Analysis

Readers' Advisory Service in North American Public Libraries, 1870-2005: A History and Critical Analysis - Juris Dilevko After a while, this book pretty much boils down to the following: reader's advisory today is bad because it pretty much mirrors commercial interests and follows the bookstore model. RA pre-1980 and earlier good because it had an educational goal. Dilevko simply leaves no room for a middle ground pretty much the book devolves into denigrating current RA services. I will grant that to an extent librarians do need to have an active educational role. I often struggle with that idea and where the lines are drawn. But there is also value to reading for pleasure and fun, which is something that seems to be missing for this author. After the first two chapters and the same tone, I skimmed the rest of the book. If you pretty much read the first and last chapters, you will likely get the gist of the book. Overall, this was pretty disappointing.