The Flight of the Eisenstein (Horus Heresy)

The Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow I gave it the four stars only because the pace did slow down a bit in the middle, and the ending did leave a lot of things open. Then again, leaving things open is part of setting up for the rest of the series. So, it's more like 4 1/2 stars for me. Overall, this novel is a strong entry in the series, and I think fans will certainly like it. I did enjoy that I got to see some events from the previous novel from a different point of view. It is a long journey, a journey with a lot of risks and sacrifices, for the Astartes and crew of the frigate Eisenstein as they make a jump to warn the Emperor of Horus' treachery. Will they make it? Will they survive in the warp, especially with warp storms and a battle-damaged ship? And if they make it to Terra, will they be believed? All these questions and more will be answered as Captain Garro leads the Eisenstein on its flight. A solid read, and I will definitely be looking for the next book in the series.