Doctor Strange: Beginnings and Endings (New Avengers)

Doctor Strange: Beginnings and Endings - J. Michael Straczynski, Brandon Peterson I picked this up in part because I have liked what few Dr. Strange tales I have read and in part because Straczynski wrote it. I like that author, so this seemed like a good bet. It is an origin tale, meaning a retelling of the hero's origins. I happen to like the character of Dr. Strange because he is a sorcerer, so it's more like reading fantasy tales in contrast to more traditional superheroes. Anyhow, the art in this one is pretty good, and the story is well written. It is part of the Marvel Knight series. I won't give the ending away (fans probably know what happens), but it is a bit bittersweet. Still, a good tale of a hero's beginnings. Then again, any tale that starts with a reluctant hero and some wise old man who at first vanishes has to be pretty good, in my view. So it is one I think readers will like.