Hollow Fields Vol 1

Hollow Fields, Vol. 1 - Madeleine Rosca This was an entertaining little volume. Lucy Snow, a nine-year old girl ends up, by pure accident, in a school that trains mad scientists. That right there is a great premise. And she soon finds that if she does not keep up her grades every week, she will be sent to detention. And no kid has ever come back from detention. The art in this manga is pretty good, and there is a strong steampunk element that fans of that subgenre will enjoy. Also, this is a manga for all ages. I enjoyed it for the story, but much more so for the art. The look of the characters was very good. So, will Lucy rise up to the occasion? I won't spoil it other than to say she will find that she can be a quick learner. Kids who like the idea of a little gross, monsters and robots, so on will certainly enjoy this. I will definitely seek out the next volume.