Garage Sale America

Garage Sale America - Bruce   Littlefield This was an excellent little read. The photography in this book is just excellent, and that by itself makes for a good draw. The text is good as well. The author travels to these great sales (garage, yard, barn, etc. Who knew there were so many different types?), gives hints and advice on what to look for and how to buy, and meets a diverse bunch of people. I found the stories of the people he meets very interesting; nice slices of Americana so to speak, stories that can go to whimsical to moving. In addition, the book features all sorts of little trivia items that add interest to the book. The book also features a small glossary of terms and a list of some major garage sale sites across the nation, so if you are interested in a road trip, these can be good destinations. Whether you enjoy garage sales or not, this book is interesting and neat. It may make you want to go out to to hunt for some treasures yourself. This was definitely a pleasure to read.