My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer - Derf Backderf This is an excellent work. The author brings to life his high school friendship with a young man who would go on to become one of the most notorious serial killers of our time. Anyone who remembers the Dahmer case will likely appreciate reading this. The author knew Dahmer in high school, and to an extent, was his friend as well. Bringing together memoirs, recollections, material from interviews as well as material from the FBI and other documents, the author brings a young Jeff Dahmer to life. He also brings to life the 1970s high school environment, a time that was much more permissive and innocent than now, a time when schools really did not have things like "zero tolerance" and lockdowns. And through it all, the author also asks, "where were the adults? Were they really that clueless, or did they just not want to be bothered?" The answer to that question may well be more disturbing than any crime Dahmer did. In addition to the story, the volume includes good endnotes that explain where various scenes in the story came from. Everything overall is pretty well documented. This comic was nominated for various awards, and it is definitely a worthy one. For me, one of the best and chilling reads of the year. It is also a fairly quick read. Once you start, you will keep going to the end.