Arkham Asylum: Madness

Arkham Asylum: Madness - Sam Kieth, Michelle Madsen, Dave Stewart First, what I need to say upfront: this is one of those books about peripheral characters in a series. It is the kind of story that you may or not like, and it is often a book just made to milk a franchise. With that out of the way, overall, it is a fairly good book, even though it does start very slow at first. However, once the pace picks up, it does hold on to you until the very end. In addition, the author does provide a pretty nice afterword with a dedication that is a bit of a twist. Worth a look for that. The real strength in this book is the art. That is why I tagged it for my "art and photography" shelf as well as for my "graphic novels and comics shelf." Sure, there is a story in here: the story of one of the nurses working at Arkham Asylum, but you know the real interesting stuff are the inmates, and we do get a pretty good look at some of them. The nurse's story is kind of so-so. Now, the Joker as always steals the show and delivers a few twists and turns. However, as I said, the strength is really in the art and images of the book. The book is a pleasure to just look at and linger over. Definitely worth reading just for that.