Batman: Bruce Wayne - Fugitive, Vol. 1

Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Vol. 1 - Devin Grayson, Ed Brubaker, Chuck Dixon, Kelly Puckett, William Rosado, Dave Ross, Sean Philips, Scott McDaniel, Roger Robinson, Rick Leonardi, Damion Scott, Trevor McCarthy, Phil Noto The plot continues to thicken. This picks up right after Bruce Wayne: Murderer?. Nightwing, Oracle, and the others go about recreating the crime and figuring out how Bruce Wayne could have been framed. Meanwhile, Batman has given up on his Bruce Wayne identity and gone off on his own, alienating even his allies. His allies now know how the frame was done, but not who or why. And an old retired police detective motivates Batman to reconsider his actions as he makes Batman carry on a promise. The pace remains quick in this series, but the plot also gets more complicated. I am definitely moving along to the second volume of the Fugitive series. Very hard to put down. I read this volume pretty much in one sitting before bedtime.