A Planet of Viruses

A Planet of Viruses - Carl Zimmer This is a pretty good book to get an overview of what viruses are and the very important role they play in the world. While many viruses are bad and need to be fought, there are many others that are benign, and in some cases needed for life in the world to survive. And then, there are all those viruses we carry as part of our genetic makeup. Zimmer has a gift for taking complex scientific ideas and making them very accessible to lay readers. I think if you want a good science book to read, but are afraid of some of the thicker books out there, this is a good one to get a start. Zimmer uses a good narrative style to make things understandable from the rise of HIV and AIDS to viruses in the sea to Ebola. It was interesting, and it was a pleasant read. Plus I learned a few things along the way. We need more science books like this.