Conan Vol. 2: The God in the Bowl and Other Stories (v. 2)

Conan, Vol. 2: The God in the Bowl and Other Stories - Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Tom Yeates I continue to enjoy this revival series from Black Horse. In this second volume, we still see a young Conan. Sure, he is quite the thief and very cunning, but he is still fairly inexperienced and learning fast. So, I find it interesting to find how Conan evolves over time. In this volume, he meets Janissa the Widowmaker, an assassin who works for the Bone Woman, and he makes a new enemy in Thoth Amon, the sorcerer. Conan enjoys life to the fullest, but he also has to rely on his cunning and smarts to overcome obstacles. From possibly being framed for a murder he did not commit to facing the dark sorcerer, Conan stands strong. If you like this character and his stories, you will enjoy this volume. It is clear the publisher takes good care of Howard's creation, and the art works very well with the series as well, capturing the environment nicely. Overall, very good work. I will continue reading this series.