Booknote: From Melancholia to Prozac

From Melancholia to Prozac: A history of depression - Clark Lawlor

A new review has been posted to my blog, The Itinerant Librarian. Here is an excerpt:


"If I have to rate it on stars, I would give it a 2.5 out of 5 mainly because it is not a terribly engaging book. It can be a bit dense at times, which slowed down the reading pace for me. Also, the book could get a bit repetitive now and then. Now, these are the issues that I found as a reader. I still think a good number of readers may find this book of interest, so let me tell you why you might want to read it. The book does provide a pretty good overview of how depression as a mental health condition evolved from classical times and balancing humors to today's medical condition including the debate on using medications and/or talk therapies."


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