The Jedi Path (Star Wars)

The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force - Daniel    Wallace A nice little book that presents the knowledge and information about the Jedi. It is set up as a student manual that has been through a few hands. Like any other school book that is shared, some of the previous owners (which go from Yoda to Count Dooku to Qui-Gon to even the Emperor along with others)have left little comments and notes on the margins that range from serious to snarky. Those little "notes" do make the book a bit more entertaining. As for the book's content, it's pretty good. Some of it are things that have been presented elsewhere, but it is nice to have all this information about the Jedi in one place. Some parts are more interesting that others. It is also more of a book to browse than to read cover to cover. Star Wars fans will probably want to add it to their collection. Casual Star Wars readers may want to look it over to learn a thing or two or just for fun.