Empire of Blood: The Minotaur Wars, Volume Three

Empire of Blood  - Richard A. Knaak I was going to start this right away, but since I borrowed the set from the local public library, and I am moving out of town, I returned it. I am definitely hoping to pick it up later, as the first two books have been very good. * * * * I got the book on Interlibrary Loan, so starting it right away. We'll see how it goes. * * * *Finally finished it. The pace on this one was pretty fast. Unlike the other two, where I think there was more intrigue, this one was more action. I am not saying that is bad; on the contrary, it was a good book, just different on the pacing. The key event, which occurs at the end of the second book, is the return of the gods. From this point, the gods, Sargonnas for the minotaurs, and Morgion for the evil side, are plotting along and leading their champions to the final confrontation. While I thought the ending was a bit too "deus ex machina" (ok, the god literally laid down the law, so to speak),it was definitely something you could see coming, and it works overall. After all, the idea is to unite an empire, and it seems this time it will work. In the end, this was a very enjoyable and entertaining fantasy series that I would recommend to anyone who likes the genre. I read a review somewhere that this particular series is good as an entry point for folks who have not read Dragonlance books. I agree. You do not need to know a lot about the fictional world of the series to get into these books. The books may, however, lead you to seek others, which I will likely do over time.