Man with a Mission (Star Wars: Boba Fett)

Man with a Mission (Star Wars: Boba Fett) - Thomas Andrews;Ron Marz;John Ostrander;John Wagner;Cam Kennedy;Adriana Melo;Francisco Ruis Velasco;Tsuneo Sanda A small collection of four tales where the famous bounty hunter has to take a job for a price. Prices may vary, and at times the customer may or not get what they pay for. It is an ok collection. I thought the story of the Imperial commander sending Fett to find a small artifact in a derelict star destroyer had a bit of poignancy at the end. The story of the slaves was pretty good too I thought. Overall, for the man in the mandalorian armor, no job is too small or difficult, if the price is right. But you can you pay his price?