Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit

Independents Day: Awakening the National Spirit - Lou Dobbs I just did not find this book as appealing as the other book of his I read (War on the Middle Class). He makes some good points in terms of how corporations have pretty much bought the political parties lock, stock, and barrel. That the political parties, the major two, are pretty much two sides of the same coin, is a given that he discusses as well. It's an important point to make, but then again, the book is pretty similar in tone to the other one. So, if you have read one of his books, you are pretty much set. I think this is a risk of news anchors who write books. They sound a lot like they sound on their television programs. And often the books do sound alike. Having said that, I think he makes some important points that make the book a worthy read. However, at times, he can get a bit long winded.