Captain America Volume 3: Ice TPB

Captain America, Vol. 3: Ice - John Ney Rieber, Chuck Austen, Jae Lee This was pretty good, but it was over very quickly; I read it over my lunch break at work. The basic plot is that Captain America receives a mysterious package with some old films and documents. The materials make him question his old memories as well as his own sense of duty and morals. Are his memories true, or are they illusions? This is what he needs to find out. Once the story gets going, it does so at a pretty quick pace. The art is dark, which matches the mood of the story. It does feel a bit short, so it felt like it was over just as it was getting started (thus my rating of only three stars. I wanted more). I have always liked Captain America precisely for his sense of striving for what is right. He is an idealist trapped in an era of cynics and deceivers. This volume is part of the Marvel Knights series. I have a read a couple other Captain America volumes in this series, and I have liked them so far. I will definitely continue reading the others. If you like Captain America, you will like this series.