Who Is Jake Ellis? Volume 1 TP

Who is Jake Ellis? Volume 1 - Nathan Edmondson Wow! I picked this up, and I could not put it down. Jon Moore is a simple man, a CIA analyst who becomes a dark ops operative. How does he do it? He has a friend who is a real agent man helping him along the way called Jake Ellis. There is just one little detail: only Jon can see Jake, so who is Jake Ellis? That is part of the mystery in this series. In this installment, Jake gets Jon to come out into the open to go back to a place called the Facility, where apparently Jake and him were experimental subjects, all while they are being hunted down by enemies Jon has made along the way in his work it seems. This very well paced, good thrills, and it sets up nicely for the next volume, which I will be seeking out. Fans of works like 100 Bullets and the manga Old Boy, for example, may find this series appealing as well.