The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food - Jennifer 8. Lee Initially, I was not sure why some people gave poor reviews to this book. However, I did come to understand the point some have said that Lee pretty much ends the book three chapters early. After writing a very nice chapter that brings the book full circle (Chapter 15), the rest of the chapters just seem tacked on. She should have ended the book there, or at the least used that chapter as the actual last chapter of the book. Having said that, the book is fairly well-written. You think you are just going to read about fortune cookies, but you embark on an interesting journey where you learn not only about Chinese food, but also about Chinese history, culture, and their migration experience around the world. It is a voyage of discovery for the author, but it is also a learning experience for us. I thought the chapter on restaurants was a bit on the long side, but she was ambitious in looking for that "greatest restaurant" (she comes to a decision, but you will have to read the book to find out). There are some passages in this book that are very moving, for example, the experiences of the family that moved to that rural town in the Deep South which was pretty much tragic until they finally left. And by the way, the story does make a very sad commentary on the racism and prejudices in the United States as well. I think for some readers who gave negative reviews, the fact that the book covers so much seemed to them like the author was meandering. However, rather than meandering, she is giving a very good context to Chinese food and fortune cookies. I found it fascinating how the concept of Chinese food has evolved and adapted itself around the world. Just for looking at that you get a good reason to read this book. Aside from what I mentioned about the last chapters, the book flows pretty well. I learned a lot that I did not know before, and I enjoyed the story. Overall, this is a pretty good read. It is a very accessible way to learn a bit more about Chinese culture and history through the perspective of food. I would not really call it a book just about food, but there is enough to draw "foodie" readers. Also, readers who like memoirs will likely enjoy this book.