Bizenghast Volume 1

Bizenghast Volume 1 - M. Alice LeGrow This was a pretty pleasant surprise. Dinah loses her parents, and as a result has to move with relatives in the New England town of Bizenghast. The doctors think the young girl may not be well, maybe due to the trauma of loss, but things are not as simple as that. And the town itself is not what it seems to be. Apparently, there is this cemetery that appears and disappears, and it has trapped souls in it. And Dinah is given the task of freeing them. With the help of her friend Vincent, she sets out reluctantly to do the task. There are various types of souls and spirits, not all happy or peaceful, and each requires the solving of some kind of riddle or puzzle as part of the task. Thus begins this series. This is a light gothic ghost story. It has some horror elements, but they are certainly light so far. The riddles provide a poetic element, and the ghosts vary in their natures and fates. This looks like the start of an entertaining series with good art to go along with the story. And it is a very easy read.